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Become Model

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Yes, I want to learn more about the Become Learning Model!


(Part 1 of 2)

Become: The Purpose

For too long, learning has been equated with gathering content and acquiring vocational skills/competencies. If we want different results, then we need to ask different questions. What is school? What is learning? What is our purpose? Who are we, as learners, as educators, as leaders? 


It's time for a new educational model, designed to rekindle the original purpose of education -- to transform and be transformed. We are boldly shifting the education system's quintessential question, from "How am I doing?" to "Who am I, and who am I becoming?" 

Become is a systemic approach to designing learning experiences and environments that cultivate fullness, oneness, purpose, and growth.

Based on the premise that the purpose of learning is to transform and be transformed...

  • We can't separate who we are from what we're learning

  • The deeper the roots, the fuller the tree

  • The purpose of learning defines the design model

  • Effective implementation of any model is always mission-driven


... And during each season of transformation, we grow.

A systemic, mission-driven learning design model, Become is not a canned program. We partner with schools and organizations to co-design and intersect the premise of the model with your mission & core values. We infuse a set of principles, tools, and strategies into all aspects of learning from systemic visioning to curriculum & instruction -- while shifting mindsets and deepening professional culture and practice.


The Become Model is an integrated learning model that doesn't dismiss, but rather, embraces instilled core values, frames learning through interdisciplinary lenses, and empowers learners to fulfill their purpose, nurture their gifts, and grow into who they were born to become.

Elements of the Become Transformational Learning Design Model:

  • Mini-Research project -- Who Am I Becoming?

  • Systemic visioning & planning

  • Designing long-term learning Inclinations

  • Learning Design Canvas & Palette

  • Entering into Rest

  • Fruits of Growth and Transformational Learning

This is our moment. It's time to rethink the educational system. It's time to shift the focus of learning from "What am I accomplishing?" to "Who am I becoming?"

If you, too, believe the purpose of education is transformational, let's talk! 


Consider this your invitation. Join us in this seminal conversation... Because if not us, who? And if not now, when?

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