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Mindsets shift when we

shift our focus...

Learning Lens partners with schools & districts, colleges & universities, and companies & organizations to transform learning into professional practice ~ by bringing educational research and effective learning models to life in practical ways with systemic outcomes.

Passionate about equity, grounded in a research & art/design lens, and driven by a greater calling, we advise organizational leaders and educators of all fields & levels in systemically and dramatically expanding outcomes for a broader range of learners.

Ronit Carter, President & Lead Consultant, is a former school district leader with a background in the world's top education reform organizations, and extensive consulting experience in leadership planning, facilitating and coaching others to lead professional learning in a wide array of topics, and multimedia curriculum/learning design since her earliest teaching days in museums and innovative school models.

We Believe...

Every individual is a gift.

Every individual has been given a gift.

Every life is born for a purpose, 

to give gifts to the world.

We see the gifts in every life.

We help individuals see a future through their own eyes, without filtering through our own.

We are the educators.

We are the lenses.

~ The Educators' Creed, by Ronit Carter

© 2019 Learning Lens

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