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We've been on the forefront of the field of online learning since the field became a field back in the '90s, from designing online & hybrid environments for students to multi-media professional learning for our colleagues, and re-conceptualizing in-person and print modalities into virtual models. Now is the time to maximize learning in online spaces. But it's not what many may perceive.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind, and we'll coach you through the process...

  • Plan a systemic approach with all stakeholders,

  • Build structures to support & facilitate the work,

  • Enable the process to unfold organically, and

  • Remember, it's about the learning, not the tools!

Cultivate alignment to a shared set of learning outcomes by re-framing the conversation ~ with a year-at-a-glance approach to curriculum articulation through a conceptual lens. Design future-ready outcomes that intersect not only competencies, but mission-driven and/or faith-based organizational core values. Through a leadership lens, use curriculum/learning design as a powerful lever for change.

Here is a sampling of topics we address through virtual sessions, systemic planning, and/or professional coaching:

  • Clothing a Graduate (TM)

  • Curriculum Mapping through a Conceptual Lens

  • Integrating Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning Outcomes (SEAL)

  • Future-Ready Assessment: A Continuum

  • The Rise of the Curriculum Leader (coaching series)

  • Driving Systemic Transformation via Curriculum

How is the meaning of literacy evolving, and how might we connect new literacies (e.g., digital, visual, scientific, ethical, etc.) across all content areas? What about STEM, STEAM, STREAM, and any other letters ~ are we realizing the promise, and how might we infuse more of the original vision? Where are the opportunities to infuse a growth mindset across not only instructional practice, but organizational culture and operational decisions? How do we ensure equity while expanding project/problem-based experiential learning models?

We infuse a research-based lens of effective learning with in-depth experience in a wide range of design models and pedagogies for both adults and youth, to:

  • Build capacity in experiential, constructivist, project-based learning modalities, as well as interdisciplinary, field-based, and service learning opportunities

  • Place equity at the center of our learning mission

  • Intersect multiple initiatives and approaches under one singular guiding vision

Why, in the 21st Century, with a shift in emphasis toward dispositional outcomes (i.e., social-emotional competencies, habits of mind, "soft skills," attitudes, core values), are we still teaching and learning in ways that perpetuate knowledge and skills acquisition? Even with educational technology? When students are begging for answers to life's fundamental questions, Who am I and What is my purpose, why is education still driven by assessing what students can do?

It's time for a new learning model. If we want different results, we have to shift the question ~ from "How am I doing?" to "Who am I becoming?" We need to revisit our very essence, What is the purpose of learning?

We believe the purpose of education is to transform and be transformed. Learn more about how you can become a pilot school or organization today!

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